Rosu de Gitana

A blend of Rara Neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon from Gitana Winery. This deep red portrays the best of both grapes. Indigenous Rara Neagra brings a lot of young and fresh fruit flavour while the Cabernet balances the intensity with green bell pepper and smooth soft tannins. Pairs well with red meat and Moldovan Sarmale.
 125 DKK
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Gitana Winery

Gitana is a family owned winery and take pride in using traditional methods to produce their wine. The vineyard sits in the southern Cahul wine region, known for its sweet wines and perfect conditions for growing and harvesting red wines. Gitana has become a leading producer of premium wines in Moldova. The grapes are manually hand picked and the wines are carefully produced to meet the high standard of a unique and flavorful taste, all while using traditional winemaking techniques.