Femme Fatale

Blend of Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala. Feteasca Alba is a light, fresh and delicate wine, whereas Feteasca Regala has a richer flavour of citrus and apple. The blend takes the best from both indigenous grapes, and creates a finely balanced wine with a lot of character! Gold Medal Berlin Wine Awards 2018.
 150 DKK
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Carpe Diem Winery

Carpe Diem is a family owned winery that goes back four generations. The winery sits in Codru wine region, known for its amazing terroir. Carpe Diem uses both French inspired and indigenous varieties to make individual unique wines and blends. The vineyards fill 10,5 ha, and Crape Diem is therefore a part of the Moldovan Association for Small Wineries. Each wine is delicately produced, and all grapes are hand picked and harvested manually.